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Building with the terrain, not against it

At Palafox, one of our design principles is to “build with the terrain, not against it.”

The following are recommendations we would like to share when it comes to hillside developments.

  1. Environmental preservation: By minimizing site manipulation, we can mitigate ecosystem disruption, preserve habitats, and mitigate soil erosion to support long-term environmental sustainability.
  1. Cost efficiency: Less grading reduces earthworks expenses, material handling, and associated construction costs, which lead to more budget-friendly projects.
  1. Safety enhancement: Minimized grading promotes stable terrains, decreasing risks of landslides, soil instability, and related safety hazards for both construction and future use.
  1. Aesthetic integration: Controlled grading maintains natural topography thus integrating buildings and roads harmoniously with surroundings and enhancing visual appeal and community acceptance.

Published on August 31, 2023