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31 Years of Architecture and Urban Planning in 40 Countries

Celebrating 31 years of service in Architecture, Planning, and Design.

We mark Palafox Associates' anniversary quite differently this year. As we reach our 31st year of service in architecture, planning, and design, we would like to give thanks to our Chief Architect and Chief Planner, our Lord almighty for all His blessings.

We thank our colleagues, staffers, team leaders, and project managers. We would not be where we are today without your hard work, dedication, loyalty, and commitment. We have spent millions of manhours together in the office to develop opportunities for others and to complete more than 1,600 projects in 40 countries. Together, we have been practicing our profession and applying our core values. Let's continue to learn best practices and strive for global excellence.

We are also grateful to our clients and friends in the profession. Thank you for the opportunities to develop visionary plans with you and for your support and constant affirmations.

During times of uncertainty and despite current complexities, let us hold on to our core values, which are like lighthouses that will guide us through stormy weather. Let us plan for the next 100 years. Palafox Associates and Palafox Architecture Group are built to last. With God's grace and blessings, we can survive, thrive, and excel well into the new world order.