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4th Public Consultation for Guinobatan’s CLUP and ZO

Guinobatan is a first-class municipality in the Province of Albay. It is known as the “Garden Town” of the Province because of its rich agricultural lands and numerous horticultural farms. With the aim of improving and properly utilizing the land resources of the Municipality, the municipal government of Guinobatan seeks to update its Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Ordinance (ZO). 

In collaboration with Guinobatan’s Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO), Palafox Associates is providing technical assistance in formulating the GIS-Based CLUP ZO for the planning period of 2021 to 2030. As part of the final phase of the project, the 4th Public Consultation, which focused on the proposed zoning of the Municipality, was held on October 14, 2022, at the Social Hall, Municipal Building. 

The workshop was attended by 50 participants, who included department representatives from the LGU and representatives from Guinobatan’s 44 barangays. Before the workshop, a short discussion about zoning and its classifications was conducted. During the workshop proper, the participants were tasked to identify the possible zoning classifications in their respective barangays. It was also emphasized that future programs, projects, and activities should be included. Throughout the workshop, participants actively contributed to the planning activities, which aim to create a more progressive, sustainable, and economically productive Guinobatan.