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Ara Vista’s Modern Mediterranean Residential Units

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Comfortably Space-Efficient

The Ara Vista Residential Units by Picar Development Inc. in collaboration with Palafox Associates and Palafox Architecture Group, Inc. were designed to seamlessly fit the aesthetic of Ara Vista Subdivision, further instilling a sense of place within its community. The 100-square-meter residential unit is envisioned to provide a well-designed home that puts comfort, leisure, and security at its core. 

A Home for your Lifestyle

Future homeowners are given four layouts to choose from that cater to different lifestyles. While unique in their own right, each layout is similar in terms of their Modern-Mediterranean-inspired theme that exhibits the traditional characteristics of Mediterranean homes infused with Spanish and Italian influences. 

Ara Vista Residential units achieve this through clean colors and minimalist design features; Mediterranean elements such as corbels, moldings, and stone cladding; and the use of large windows with low window sill heights to maximize natural light and ventilation. Its color scheme features warm earth tones to provide homeowners with a warm and cozy ambiance.

Passive and Green Design 

The design also strives to fully take advantage of its location and climate by blurring the line between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Its open floor plan makes it feel spacious despite the limited floor area available. Sustainable design features such as natural ventilation and lighting were adopted for their aesthetic appeal and functionality through cost-efficient technology that can help reduce the electrical consumption of homeowners.

Rustic and Timeless

These are just some of the considerations that were involved in designing Ara Vista’s Residential units. All of which come together in pursuit of a rustic, timeless home for its users today and for generations to come. We at Palafox are grateful for the opportunity to work on this project with Picar Development and to explore designs that show genuine respect for people and the environment.