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Architect Jun Palafox is FIABCI-Philippines’ Most Distinguished Member of the Year

Last December 12, Architect Jun Palafox was awarded the Most Distinguished FIABCI Member of the Year by the Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Bien-Conselis Immobiliers or FIABCI - Philippines.

Architect Palafox was a Past President and Chairman and current member and trustee of the organization. Last year, he was invited as a speaker to the FIABCI-Philippines' General Membership Meeting to share his experience in Dubai as the only Filipino consultant in a team of international experts, being one of the few architect-urban planning experts in the world then.

FIABCI or The International Real Estate Federation, is an international business organization for all professionals associated with the real estate industry — from real estate practitioners, architects, academics, investors, operators, among others. They are represented in five chapters around the world which includes FIABCI - Philippines.

On behalf of Architect Palafox, we'd like to thank FIABCI for recognizing Architect Palafox’s contributions to our country and across the world.

Architect Palafox accepts his award as the Most Distinguished FIABCI Member of the Year