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Tourism Areas Site Visit for the Cordilleras Tourism Circuit

The Department of Tourism - Cordillera Administrative Region is working with Palafox Associates to develop the Tourism Development Study Package for the Cordilleras. This study is being conducted at an opportune time as the country is gradually and safely reopening tourism sites. 

The Cordilleras is a landlocked region that faces challenges in infrastructure development due to its topography. However, its astonishing landscape, magnificent natural wonders, and diverse cultures and traditions are the reasons why the region is among the Philippines’ renowned travel destinations. 

The Palafox team was able to visit 81 tourism attractions and destinations, particularly 13 in the City of Baguio, seven in the Province of Benguet, 12 in the Province of Ifugao, nine in Mountain Province, 16 in the Province of Kalinga, six in the Province of Apayao, and 18 in the Province of Abra. They also met with several tourism officers representing the different provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region, including Mr. Marsman Daguio, the Supervising Tourism Operations Officer of Abra; Ms. Rebecca T. Mamba, the Provincial Tourism Officer  of Apayao; Mr. Roscoe L. Kalaw, the Supervising Tourism Operations Officer of Ifugao; and Ms. Lorraine Ngao-I, the Supervising Tourism Operations Officer of Kalinga; among others. During these meetings, the study team was able to discuss the recovery and future plans of the region for the resumption of the tourism industry as well as programs that aim to implement sustainable and responsible tourism in the new normal scenario. In line with the priorities of the Department of Tourism, Palafox Associates will ensure that the Tourism Circuit Development Study Package will include community-based tourism and farm tourism, which will help accelerate inclusive and sustainable development and ensure food sufficiency and additional income for local communities.

Hungduan Rice Terraces
Dupag Rock Formation, Abra
North Blossom Flower Farm, Benguet