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ECCP Hosts Mindanao Coffee Mornings Focusing on Sustainability

Palafox Davao Participates in European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines - Davao’s Mindanao Coffee Mornings

The most recent session of Mindanao Coffee Mornings focused on sustainability and how businesses are adopting sustainable practices to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency, contributing to the growing circular economy movement of Mindanao. Held at Bec and Geri's Restaurant in Talomo, Davao City,  representatives from various industries, including government, agriculture, infrastructure, and commerce actively participated in the forum.

PALAFOX, a proud sponsor of the event, was represented by Ar. Blesi Simplicio and Ar. Micah Tupas who discussed "Sustainable Cities, Communities and Climate Action." They shared PALAFOX’s expertise in sustainable urban planning and green building design and showcased various sustainable design solutions and their application in Davao City projects.

The team delved into the visionary Philippines 2050 plan advocated by Architect Felino Palafox. The discussion centered on crafting sustainable cities and communities, drawing on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The session unveiled innovative design approaches championed by PALAFOX, including the concept of 15-minute cities, where essential needs are within a short walk or bike ride; sustainable tourism; green building design; and the holistic "ridge to reef" perspective that considers the entire environmental system.

The team further showcased the company’s expertise by presenting the Metro Davao Urban Master Plan and the Davao City Tourism Master Plan.  These plans exemplified the PALAFOX philosophy, integrating green parks with bustling marketplaces, fostering seamless connectivity, and identifying prime locations for eco-parks, mountain parks, and waterfront developments — all designed to transform Davao and its surrounding cities into vibrant and sustainable places.

The presentation was well-received by the audience, generating lively discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees from Cagayan de Oro, PetNet, Holcim, Bioskin Philippines, LimaDOL, and DEN-EMB XI actively engaged with the PALAFOX team, creating valuable connections that can further propel sustainability efforts in Davao City.

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