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Goal Setting and Selection of Spatial Strategy for the Development of Nasugbu, Batangas

Palafox successfully held the Second Stakeholders’ Consultation for the Nasugbu Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Development Plan last February 10-11, 2022 in Nasugbu, Batangas. The workshops were attended by the members of the Nasugbu technical working group, the barangay captains, and a number of barangay representatives. The Palafox Team was also joined by MPDC Engr. John Paul Vasquez with his staff Engr. Arnel Alvarez and Mr. Francis Arsenio Bernales.

This session aimed to set the goals and objectives of the Municipality of Nasugbu and align them with a spatial strategy for its development in the next 10 years. Some of the sectoral goals agreed upon by the stakeholders are the following:

Social Sector: Educate and ensure that the citizens are healthy and provided uplifted and safe communities.

Economic Sector: Pursue an abundant, sustainable, and equitable economy for the Municipality.

Institutional Sector: Ensure good governance among all levels of leadership and provide multi-sectoral opportunities for investments and employment.

Infrastructure and Utilities Sector: Improve and increase connectivity and accessibility to clean water and power supply in all parts of Nasugbu.

Environmental Sector: Create adaptive and resilient communities.

These are just some of the Municipality’s sectoral goals that will be carefully considered in the project’s next steps, starting with the draft of the Land Use Plan for 2022-2031 and the zoning ordinance.

We at Palafox are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Municipality of Nasugbu and for the active participation of its stakeholders in the project. 

The Updating of Nasugbu’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Comprehensive Development Plan, and Zoning Ordinance covers Nasugbu’s total land area of 27,633 Hectares (68,282 acres) and aims to develop the Municipality’s strategic framework, development thrusts, and sectoral analysis along with mainstream climate change and disaster risk reduction analysis.