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Palafox Marks 34 Years of Architecture, Planning, and Design in 40 Countries

Today, we are ecstatic and grateful to celebrate our 34th anniversary! Each year, as we celebrate our anniversary, I fondly look back at the rearview mirror of the past 34 years and the windshield panoramic view of the next years. I recall both the milestones and challenges we overcame, which I believe have equally contributed to our successes and resiliency through the years.

Firstly, we thank the Chief Architect, Chief Planner, and Chief Designer — our Lord, our God, and our Creator — for His guidance and grace. We are just His instruments for His greater glory. I am grateful to my family for their ever-present support. We are also thankful to our clients from 40 countries who have given their trust and confidence to us to carry out more than 1,800 projects these past years.

The triumphs and achievements of Palafox Associates would not have been possible without the steadfast efforts, commitment, and talent of our architects, planners, designers, engineers, team leaders, project managers, and staffers — the lifeblood of our company. All the long hours of hard work we have put in are worthwhile knowing these are all for a greater cause — to create value in every building, place, community, and city that we plan and design through our professions. 

The architects, planners, designers, engineers, team leaders, project managers, and staffers of Palafox Associates

We have thankfully completed more than 1,800 projects in 40 countries that encompass the master planning of more than 51 billion square meters of land and the architecture and design of more than 20 million square meters of building floor area.

Moreover, we have completed the architecture, planning, and design of residences; school, college, and university buildings and campuses; low-, mid-, and high-rise office buildings; hospitals; clinics; places of worship; shopping malls; restaurants; hotels; cinemas; bowling alleys; transportation facilities and infrastructure; waterfront developments; leisure farms; sports stadiums; terminals; airports; seaports; yacht clubs; golf course communities; mountain communities; cities; towns; provinces; and regions; among others. 

We are hopeful for what’s ahead for our company and for our country. We at Palafox Associates remain firm in our commitment to global excellence and to serve “Pro Deo, Patria, et Terra” — for God, Country, and Planet Earth.

- Architect Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr.