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Philippine Construction Industry Moving Through the Crisis

On June 9, 2022, Architect Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr. was among the resource speakers for the PHILCONSTRUCT LUZON event at the SMX Convention Center Clark, Pampanga, which was organized by the Philippine Overseas Construction Board (POCB). Architect Palafox shared his insights on the topic “ASEAN ARCHITECT REGISTER (AAR)” during the information session entitled “Ph Construction Industry Moving Through the Crisis.” 

The PHILCONSTRUCT event was a gathering for Filipino and foreign professionals in construction and related engineering services, which allowed them to engage in fruitful dialogue and create business relationships in the Philippines or in overseas markets.

The information session Architect Palafox took part in centered on the benefits of being an ASEAN-Registered Architect; the advantages and challenges they face in the ASEAN and global market; and innovations and trends in overseas markets. 

Architect Palafox shared his wealth of experience in the course of his 50-year career as an Architect, Urban Planner, and the Founding Partner of Palafox Associates and Palafox Architecture Group, Inc. He shared his experience in Dubai as the first Southeast Asian architect and planner and how he was name-hired to be the senior planner in the town planning department of Dubai Municipality. He also discussed the lessons and experiences he accumulated in completing more than 1,800 projects in 40 countries as the Principal Architect and Urban Planner of Palafox Associates.  

Here at Palafox Associates, our mission is to plan a sustainable future for all and create value in every place, building, and community we design. In line with our vision for a social and environmental renaissance through our innovative, sustainable, and exemplary practice of architecture and design, Architect Palafox believes that sharing his knowledge with fellow professionals in the industry and the future generation of architects and planners is also an important part of nation-building.