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Prioritizing Projects, Programs, and Activities for Sta. Cruz, Zambales

The Technical Working Group and Municipal Development Council Consultation for Sta. Cruz’s Comprehensive Development Plan for 2021-2026 was recently conducted from July 22 to 23, 2021, by the Municipality of Sta. Cruz with the Palafox Team.

For the first day of activities, a Technical Working Group (TWG) consultation was held, and it began with a brief recap of project updates and workshops that were completed. The Palafox team then shared the outputs from the previous Sectoral Consultations with the TWG members before proceeding with the other activities. Later on, the TWG also collaborated with the Palafox Team to accomplish the prioritization of programs, projects, and activities workshop, which is an integral part of the Comprehensive Development Plan because it identifies projects that are crucial for the next five (5) years. The workshops were concluded with a briefing for the plenary session with the Municipal Development Council the following day.

The Municipal Development Council Meeting began with opening remarks from Mayor Luisito “Chito” Marty through which he encouraged the attendees to actively participate in the activities that would help identify the Municipality’s future projects for the next five (5) years. The Palafox team then grouped the attendees into different sectors and guided them in discussions to determine the urgency and implications of the projects identified by the Municipality’s stakeholders. The last workshop for the day focused on accomplishing the Goals Achievement Matrix of each sector’s projects. Through this activity, participants were asked to evaluate each project in relation to the Municipality's sectoral goals and how relevant these projects are in achieving the Municipality's vision.

We at Palafox are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Municipality of Sta. Cruz and to be part of the process to address challenges and improve the development of the Municipality in the coming years. As the project enters its final stages, we are grateful for the continued support and participation of the Municipality’s stakeholders.