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Site and Land Use Assessments for Ilagan City's Development Plans

From May 12 to 16, the Palafox Team conducted site visits and initial land use assessments in the 91 barangays of Ilagan City as part of the updating of Ilagan’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Comprehensive Development Plan. Famously known as the Corn Capital of the Philippines, Ilagan City has a total land area of 116,626 hectares, which is divided into 91 barangays that are clustered into four areas: Poblacion, San Antonio, Western, and Northeastern. 

The site visits and land use assessments are vital in crafting Ilagan’s land use plan because these aim to evaluate and determine the development potentials of the City with its vast natural resources and infrastructure. Ilagan is immensely blessed with natural resources. It has thriving forests that cover the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and are home to diverse flora and fauna. Other than that, it has three river systems: Pinacanauan, Abuan, and Cagayan — the so-called “Rio Grade de Cagayan” because it is the Philippines’ widest, longest, and largest river. Moreover, other notable areas in Ilagan include Ilagan Sanctuary in Barangay Sta. Victoria, a protected area within the city; Pasa Dam in Barangay Pasa; the Ilagan Japanese Tunnel in Barangay Sto. Tomas; and the City’s farthest community in Sitio Lagis — Barangay Sindun Bayabo.

The next steps of the planning process for Ilagan include crafting the Ecological Profile and Strategic Development Framework. We are grateful to Ilagan’s City Planning and Development Office, General Services Offices, League of Barangays, and the City Mayor’s Office for welcoming, accompanying, and collaborating with us during our fieldwork activities.

Cagayan River

Abuan River

View of Abuan River from the Sierra Madra Mountains

Ilagan Japanese Tunnel in Barangay Sto. Tomas

Rizal Park in Barangay Centro Poblacion

Corn fields in Barangay San Ignacio

Corn harvest in Barangay Malalam

Siffu River

Executive Briefing with Mayor Josemarie Diaz, Vice Mayor Kiryll Bello, Members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod, Department Heads, and League of Barangays

Members of the Palafox Team with Kap. Rogelma Talattu (fourth from left) and Kap. Kap Norberto Valdez (fifth from left)