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Tangub City's Upcoming Waterfront Development

Applying climate-change-resilient and green infrastructure along our coastlines and waterfronts

Waterfront developments are some of the most promising and inviting projects that boost tourism. The Tangub City Boulevard project aims to transform the urban waterfront to produce additional spaces for employment, recreation, and leisure. The Boulevard will introduce new activities and opportunities in the urban life of Tangubanons and will hopefully improve the socio-economic, cultural, and environmental conditions of the city.

The three-kilometer Boulevard stretches along the coastline, encompasses three barangays, and ends at the Tangub City Wharf and the Silanga Port. Through this development, Tangub City can be further promoted as a prime tourist destination within the region by establishing connectivity between its existing tourism sites. The Boulevard is also designed to integrate physical access to and along the waterfront for recreation and commerce and to create a distinct and enjoyable setting for visitors. Some of its features include spaces for food parks, retail parks, bayside retail, and a flood park, which acts as a sponge to absorb rainwater during floods with the help of trees, rain gardens, and permeable pavements.

The development for the Tangub City Boulevard is an example of how we can maximize our waterfronts for their economic and social potential as they provide a venue for recreation and commercial opportunities while simultaneously promoting health and wellness. As we continue to work toward a better tomorrow, it is crucial to apply climate-change-resilient and green infrastructure along our coastlines and other waterfronts.