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UAP 49th National Convention: Amplify Your Impact

“Development is not worthy of the name unless it is spread evenly like butter on a piece of bread” - Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr. (1973)

On April 18, 2024, the UAP 49th National Convention took place at SMX Manila. From April 18 to 21, the four-day event brought together a vibrant community of Filipino architects, setting a monumental record with 8,500 enthusiastic attendees — marking the largest assembly of Filipino architects worldwide.

Palafox | UAP 49th National Convention: Amplify Your Impact

The UAP 49th National Convention was attended by speakers and panelists from around the world, including Tim Fu, Designer and Founder of Studio Tim Fu Ltd; Dr. Georges Kachaamy, Director of the Center for Research Innovation, and Design (CRID) at the School of Architecture, Art, and Design, American University in Dubai; and Dean Reinhard, Senior Business Development Manager, Southeast Asia, at Epic Games; among many others.

Palafox | UAP 49th National Convention: Amplify Your Impact

Architect Jun Palafox was among the numerous distinguished speakers and panelists on the event's second day, alongside innovators Roland Schinzer of Foster + Partners, Yahya Jan of NORR, and Royal Pineda of Royal Pineda+. Each panelist shared their knowledge and experiences about the topic “Amplify Your Knowledge.” Architect Jun Palafox highlighted his experience starting his career in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, Architect Jun Palafox's presentation, "The Philippines 2050: A First-World Economy," held at the main hall event in SMX Manila, captivated the audience as it envisioned a future where the Philippines emerges as a leading economic powerhouse in the global arena. He emphasized the strategic significance of the country's geographical location, rich natural and human resources, and the potential for seamless connectivity to propel it toward prosperity.

Palafox | UAP 49th National Convention: Amplify Your Impact

Architect Jun Palafox's vision extended beyond economic growth to encompass sustainable development, urban planning, and environmental stewardship. He outlined ambitious yet achievable goals for infrastructure development by harnessing technological advancements and fostering innovation in various sectors. By painting a vivid picture of a progressive and inclusive Philippines by 2050, Architect Jun Palafox inspired architects and stakeholders to play a pivotal role in shaping the nation's future trajectory.

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