In order to accommodate the ever changing needs of farming, specifically the need for better fertilizers for various crops, one of the oldest and largest chemical fertilizer manufacturing companies is expanding and developing new facilities in the coastal city of Toledo, Cebu. 

The Atlas Fertilizer Administration building showcases the various plants that have been grown using their new fertilizer products that were developed in their in-house laboratories. The interior courtyard of the building allows guests to view their showcase plants from the lobby.

The building includes laboratories and storage areas. The laboratories are sealed shut from the rest of the building to avoid contamination or exposure.

The overall design follows high energy efficiency and sustainability standards as it integrates the concepts of passive cooling, thermoplastic roofing, green walls, an open office design, and natural ventilation and lighting.

Apart from its functional trait, the Atlas Fertilizer administration building serves as  a milestone and iconic infrastructure for the city of Toledo in Cebu. These new facilities can lead the City of Toledo into agricultural innovation and local economic development.