The Progressive Economic Center of Ilocos Sur

Envisioned to be the progressive economic center of Ilocos Sur, Cabugao is strategically located between the capitals of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Its strategic location gives it a huge advantage in terms of infrastructure investments, economic services, accessibility, and connectivity. To realize these potentials and guide the Municipality’s developments, Cabugao initiated the crafting of its Comprehensive Urban Development Plan. 

This development plan has identified the following priority areas for development to complement the Municipality’s strategies in achieving its vision and goals:

  1. Cabugao Riverfront Development 

An active recreational zone where preservation areas, community parks, and experiential pathways are essential components of the development. It also utilizes the residential and mixed-use zones that maximize the potential of the riverfront by enhancing the overall livability. 

  1. Civic and Trade Hub

An iconic landmark that serves as a central point for trade-oriented spaces that include government offices, markets, malls, and multi-purpose facilities in one integrated development. 

  1. Salapasap Beach

Capitalizes the natural beauty of the beach and ocean views — a leisure destination embracing the coastal lifestyle. 

With this visionary and comprehensive development plan, Cabugao opens its doors to investors and collaborates with different stakeholders to achieve the Municipality’s highest potential.