Reimagining an international organization for agriculture to support its vision of agricultural innovation and prosperity

One of the world’s leading international organizations for agriculture engaged us to reimagine its learning, workplace and conference center.

For many years, the interiors of their headquarters and conference facilities have undergone several upgrades to maintain its integrity. With the COVID-19 placing the highest consideration on safety and space, the said research headquarters once again needed an upgrade.

Leveraging on the interior brand concept “Sibol” — Sustainable and Innovation-driven Building Produces Outstanding Leaders — which means sprout, grow, or thrive in Filipino, the future interiors of this headquarters will pursue the institution’s goal of agricultural innovation and prosperity.

It will facilitate positive working relationships, stimulate a growth-oriented work culture, and produce agile outstanding leaders with its post pandemic workplace and functional, modern, and smart interiors that will further the function of the building as an institution.

Interior Design

Inspired by the luscious mountainscapes of Mt. Makiling in Laguna, the offices will be surrounded by mostly earth tones and some forest greens among more contemporary brighter spaces, cleaner lines, and updated surfaces.

The institution’s brand colors will be integrated with the warmth of wood, smooth polished concrete and Asian rattan weaving such as solihiya, creating a minimalist, timeless and refreshing atmosphere.

The Interiors’ accents, pop colors, decors, patterns or textures take inspiration from the ASEAN countries — Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam. This will aim to promote the famous landmarks and cultures of our neighbors while the qualities of ASEAN-inspired interior will help clients, visitors, and employees maintain a calm composure in a professional environment. Spaces like these will ultimately promote a sense of stability and optimism.

A play between breeze blocks, screens and purposeful natural lighting will intend to energize the atmosphere, helping improve employee productivity.

Provisions for flexible workspaces and layouts will allow balance between the collaborative and focused workstyles — ensuring a productive and holistic environment while being mindful of distancing and spaces. 

Large window openings will provide ample natural light and ventilation for a comfortable work environment. The layering of spaces and the full length glass walls that surround rooms will create a feeling of walking through a fog through its glass films which will allow people outside the rooms to easily monitor usage while providing privacy to those users inside.

Modern, tropical, straightforward graphics will help users conveniently find their way around the offices. Additional surfaces and storage spaces were also provided for better work efficiency.