The new high school building for Holy Angel University in Angeles, Pampanga, which will be the highest structure in the campus, represents the students’ higher learning and spiritual growth. The design of the building is modern yet inspired by early church design philosophies like vertical lines that suggest reaching toward the heavens.

The proposed nine-storey structure has a mezzanine and a roof deck, and it is one of the three structures that will replace the existing buildings in the Santa Clara block of the campus. The proposed master plan for this part of the campus will be Holy Angel University's benchmark in organizing school buildings and other facilities in the future. The master plan focuses on the human scale, accessibility between places, and the integration of open spaces and natural landscapes, among others.

Green architecture was applied to the design by providing operable windows all throughout the building, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. The courtyard will allow plenty of natural light to enter the structure, and the building will feature technology for rainwater harvesting. The attention to detail given to this high school building will allow Holy Angel University to successfully meet the demands of students for decades to come.