Showcasing Filipino design and artistry, Malcapuya Resort exudes tradition and solace and radiates a sense of familiarity and warmth for its guests. Solihiya weaving, local hardwoods, capiz inlays, and a kaleidoscope of color tones reflect a sublime translation of the island life. Senses are primed for an ultimate escape or a perfect resort hideaway.

A distinct characteristic of Malcapuya Resort is how it is able to synergize indoor and outdoor spaces. With symmetry and organic forms, the design concept embraces nature by displaying it through sophisticated and luxurious ways. Pristine white clears the mind as one enters the space while the striking blend of wood and bamboo create a play of light and shadow resulting in a warm and serene mood. Its understated elegance manifested through its modern tropical design captures the sensory island experience of sea, sun, and sand.