This urban regeneration project is the pioneer in mixed-use developments in the Philippines. It is located within a city where the highest levels and most progressive visions of urban life have been achieved. Rockwell Center redefines progressive design and development planning in the Philippine context by converting a brownfield housing a former pollutive power plant at the edge of Makati City into a very active world-class waterfront development. The master plan for Rockwell Center strategically links residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, leisure, office, and religious spaces to minimize the need for transportation. A safe and convenient pedestrian and vehicular circulation system establishes connectivity and walkability. Today, Rockwell center is a well-recognized model for mixed-use development that incorporates walkability, well-designed amenities, and breathing spaces.

Aside from the master planning of Rockwell Center, Palafox also completed the architecture of its first five towers: Rizal Tower, the two towers of Amorsolo Square, Hidalgo Place, and Luna Gardens.

Rizal Tower

Dominating the Rockwell Center skyline is the 46-storey Rizal Tower. With a total of 157 residences apportioning almost 90% of the project to three-bedroom units, this oval-shaped skyscraper’s target market of high income, medium-sized families will surely appreciate the irregular-shaped rooms. Consistent with the contour, the oval design provides an 180-degree full view of the immediate vicinity. Smooth surfaces and highly reflective double-glazed windows make Rizal Tower a one-of-a-kind landmark in a place of technically innovative landmark structures like the Rockwell Center.

Amorsolo Square

Amorsolo Square is a residential establishment that features two towers connected by the three-level Rockwell Club. The 280 units of Amorsolo Square respond to the need for a within-the-CBD residence, bringing residents close to their places of work.

Hidalgo Place

The symmetric footprint of Hidalgo Place asserts a sense of tradition and formality contrasted and softened by undulating canopies and balconies along graceful curves. Hidalgo Place has only 91 units but residents, mostly composed of families, enliven this activity-filled 24-storey development.

Luna Gardens

The majestic 39-storey Luna Gardens is characterized by a deep blue color accented by horizontal white mosaic tiles running through its clean surface and subtle curves. This residential tower features underground levels for parking, loading, docking, and maintenance. The upper five floors feature extended balconies that provide an unobstructed view of the picturesque Makati skyline while the lower floors with smaller balconies give a perfect panorama of the scenic lush landscape below. Luna Gardens features a structural system that allows twisting when there is seismic activity and provides wind channeling during the typhoon months, thus minimizing the destructive effects of natural forces.