We are excited to share with you our vision for the SMC Aerocity. We at Palafox Associates and Palafox Architecture Group are grateful for the trust and confidence of Mr. Ramon Ang and San Miguel Corporation and for the opportunity to collaborate with them in developing the vision and master development plan for the SMC Aerocity.

The plan introduces the concept of waterfront development as a way to protect the site from storm surges. At the same time, it will also function as an environmental sanctuary and as submersible green spaces and increase more frontages that utilize the coastline. As a result, green spaces will always be within a 15-minute walking distance at any point in the aerocity.

The proposed aerocity will feature wide boulevards filled with landscaping, greenery, dedicated lanes for mass transportation and biking, active frontages, and pedestrian walkways. It will also feature buildings interconnected by skywalks, which ideally, would generate more access and connectivity and increase floor area for safe and comfortable urban-designed public spaces. 

The skywalks can potentially become micro solar farms, using renewable energy to power street lights and other urban design fixtures that contribute to pedestrian comfort and safety.

The plan prioritizes mobility and safety. There will be dedicated bike lanes protected by landscape barriers away from moving motorized vehicles, which will minimize accidents and collisions.

Mass transport systems as a way to sustainably move people. Ideally, most people living in the city prefer walking, biking, or using mass transit when going around for work and leisure.