Sustainability Promise


Nature conservation and sustainability are advocacies we take seriously at Palafox. There have been numerous times wherein we had to beg off from taking big-ticket architectural and planning projects because the requirements went against our design principles and values. An example would be when we were hired as architects for a six-star hotel in Subic. We were instructed by the developer to cut down 366 70-year-old trees, but knowing the priceless benefits trees have, we returned the contract worth $1 million. 

Whenever we commit to a project, we make sure that it does not violate our development principle of integral ecology — balancing social equity or people first with protecting and conserving natural environments, inclusive economic growth, culture, history and interfaith spirituality. 

With our architecture projects, we always put forward green architecture principles and components in our designs. As much as we can, we emphasize the importance of green architecture to our clients and how it minimizes harmful effects on human health and addresses environmental sustainability. We are also privileged to be involved in master planning and urban planning projects that focus on sustainability and protecting natural environments.

We are a team of environment enthusiasts. We exert all effort to put into action our mission and vision of a sustainable future by participating in sustainable campaigns. In our office, single-use plastics are prohibited, and we limit the use of paper as much as practicable and repurpose our used paper. Our colleagues actively participate in environmental stewardship activities like tree planting and coastal cleanups.