Urban and Regional Planning

To create a better community for people and harmonizing the synergy between the built and natural environment has always been a challenge for planners. Palafox strives to find this balance by taking a holistic approach and integrating various disciplines while adapting to the constantly changing planning landscape. Following our mission, our multidisciplinary team incorporates innovative strategies to create visionary plans that are sustainable, viable, and flexible. What makes each planning unique is our collaborations with the local government, the local community, and other specialized interest groups. The interplay among the various exchanges, the observed development constraints, and the studies and analyses of different sectors allows us to come up with a unique planning strategy fit for the community. Our services span from city development planning to regional framework planning. For more specific services, our firm also offers Tourism Master Plan, Economic and Industrial Plan, Urban Development Strategy, Vision Plan, Tactical Urbanism, and Resiliency Planning.